Topaz Remask vs PerfectMask 5.2

I recently had the opportunity to do a corporate "headshot" shoot for a small local web-development company. After I finished, the principal said he'd rather have all the shots with a solid white background, instead of the one I used. So I figured that this would be the perfect time to try out OnOneSoftware's "new" PerfectMask 5.2 to get rid of the background, and substitute a white one, as he desired.

Not so fast. The videos and sales presentations make Perfect Mask look like the easiest tool on the planet to use to remove complex backgrounds, after all they show removal of stuff through wedding vails, trees and other complex details. Well, if the background isn't perfectly uniform, like for instance, a green screen, best of luck getting a simple removal. Their "remove background" tool is a joke and only works if you happened to be shooting a solid background (like a green screen) or similiar when you did the original shot. A normal textured studio background is virtually un-removable without literally hours of work. So what's fellow to do?

I had little time to do the work in, and was looking for a way to make the client happy while still handing in a decent looking product for them. Enter Topaz ReMask ($69.95 and well worth it). ReMask made taking a complex background out a snap, and each photo was done in under a minute with a few extra minutes for some touch-ups where needed (and those were not many).

Bottom line: OnOneSoftware's Perfect Suite does some amazing things, but masking is seemingly not one of them (Resize is pretty awesome). The Topaz product works well, isn't a budget-buster and may save you some time and effort doing routine masking work with little to no effort when you need that particular thing accomplished.

Topaz Remask is definitely a Five-Star product. I think with a little more work, Perfect Mask will get there too...and with the suite integration it will become a very powerful, if not simple to use tool which it's not now.

© Shawn Soni 2018